Park cafe is still open!

Despite the flooding the park cafe remains open – and has great views of the flood water! The pumps have started, but it will take two weeks to clear the waters and ready the park for re-opening. Meanwhile, why not go along and try the great coffee and delicious cakes; perhaps we should suggest they start offering Floodwater soup (presumably brown – mushroom?) and Ouse Mud Pie (doesn’t have the romantic ring of a Mississippi Mud Pie, but would taste just as nice!) Access, not surprisingly, is only via Richardson St.

More theatricals

Liz Topi has just reminded us that the Lords of Misrule will be performing in Rowntree Park on 19, 20 and 21 July at 6.00pm and will be doing dress rehearsals on Sunday 15th 2 – 6pm, Monday 16th 6 – 9pm and Tuesday 17th 6 – 9 pm. She says “they will be visiting the park to make themselves known, but some of them are from the Shakespeare project so you should see some familiar faces”

In addition to that, the Theatre of the Dales are bringing ‘A Comedy of Errors’ to the park, on the 27th and 28th July, details can be found here

Events in the park, summer 2012

We’ve just received this updated list of events in the park this summer, thanks to Liz Topi (CYC)


Event name

Contact   name

Contact   detail

16-17 June

All Day Tennis Tournament

17 June

Prostate Cancer Run

Richard Smith

17 June

Barrio Festival

Lotita Boddy

01765 607619/


07 July

Model Boat Club Flotilla

R Thompson

01902 702480

14 July

Summer Fair

Jenny Cairns

07833 436832

19-21 July

Lords Of Misrule Theatre Group

Deborah Halcomb

07818 707450

21 July

Festival Of Rivers Canoe Race

Liz Topi

01904 554253

21 July

Jazz And Strawberries

Baptist Church


22 July

York Model Boat Club Regatta

R. Tompson

01904 702480

28 July

York City Knights Fun Day

Nick Settle

01904 553377

01 Sept

Family Fun Day

Linda Bailey  

15 Sept

Just 30 Fair

Neil Gulliver

Progress at the reading cafe

Foxglove: Meredith Stewart 2008

Work to create the new reading cafe is proceeding at top speed, with the aim of getting it ready in time for the summer. The Friends and the council team are very excited about the prospect, the layout and the furnishings look lovely, and a huge list of books, newspapers and journals has been submitted by the Friends! Andy Laslett has forwarded his most recent progress report, which includes a plea for ideas of activities which might boost visitor numbers, particularly over the winter months, when any cafe in a park is likely to be quieter. Please forward any ideas to the Friends.

New this season

Putting in the park

The council have arranged for putting to be available on one of the bowling greens at the park. For £1 (payable at the little orange kiosk), you get a putter, a golf ball and a score card, and the chance to get very frustrated when an ‘easy par 2’ turns into an eight-stroke saga. In the sunshine yesterday, the green was full of people trying their luck.






Also new this year, somewhere slightly more suitable for frogs to hang out. This one was spotted hopping towards our new pond, past a flourishing tansy plant – thanks for this seal of approval! The pond and the new planting seem to have survived their first flooding (last week) with no problem.

Frog at the pond

Park cafe news

Lunch time for a squirrel

The Friends had a great meeting today with the council staff (Fiona Williams, Alistair Gourlay and Andy Laslett), who are involved in developing the park cafe, as a ‘reading cafe’ – an extension of the ‘Explore’ library concept. The new cafe will have books, newspapers, internet and WiFi, as well as good coffee and tasty food, and act as a venue for a variety of activities and events. This squirrel may be still checking the bins for food, but us humans can look forward to something nicer!

Last summer, the Friends sent a document with lots of our ideas and suggestions for how the cafe could look and what could happen in the cafe, and we were really happy to see many of these ideas will be put into place. The cafe may be re-furbished and back in action by the summer holidays, although this depends on the results of the tendering process. The council have prepared a document which outlines their plans, and the Friends will be discussing this subject at the next Friends’ meeting (April 25th, 7.30pm at Southlands Methodist Church). All are welcome to attend and give any feedback.

The reading cafe will have a relatively small number of books (2000 – apparently that’s ‘not much’), and the library staff would love for local people to send in their suggestions – so what’s your favourite book or favourite author? We’re keen to get children’s views too so, parents and carers, do let us know which books/authors are the business at the moment, by replying to this post or posting on our Facebook page.

Canal and fountain repairs

Work starting on the canal
Work starts on the canal and fountains, April 2012

After a couple of years of being top of the ‘repairs list’, work has started on the canal and fountain area, and the council couldn’t have chosen a wetter week to start it! We’re looking forward to having the cracks in the canal lining repaired, so that the canal can be refilled and the fountains can work again. At least the rain is watering the tiny tansy plants that we put in on Monday afternoon, during the ParkActive session at the pond (thanks Ian, Carol, Tom and Shona for their help, as well as Rachel the Ranger, of course).