Plant for the Park

The great centenary seed sow!

Help us fill the park with colour and wildlife this year by growing something for the park at home. 

2021 is Rowntree Park’s 100th Birthday and the Friends of Rowntree Park aim to run activities, projects and events that help mark this occasion. We’d love your help to make the park as vibrant as possible this summer. No experience needed and resources provided. Interested? Read on….

An unprecedented year of flooding and lockdowns

Unfortunately, three flood events in the last 12 months has really prevented our volunteers from making the progress as we’d have liked in developing the gardens we care for. While we have doubled the number of volunteers and sessions in the past year, the impact of lockdowns and safe working with social distancing continues to hinder our  progress redeveloping the gardens, not to mention effort needed to recover from each flood. 

You can make a difference!

In order to get as much colour and vibrancy in the park this summer we would like to invite you to grow something for Rowntree Park at home over the last few weeks of winter and into spring. We’d like some community growers to propagate plants and flowers for each area of the park we care for. All you need to do is find a bit of spare windowsill space to start off some plants, regular watering and some tender care and attention.  

What we will give you:

We have a list of plants we’d like to grow and we can give you all the resources needed to help plant for the park. However, if you are already a successful gardener and have specific plants you’d like to grow/have extras – then get in touch as they may well be of use too!

We can provide:
-A small packet of seeds
-Peat free compost
-Tray and/or containers

Some examples of what we’d like help to grow:

In the Sensory Garden we need colourful and fragrant plants like Cosmos and Verbena Bonariensis.
– In the Friends Garden you could grow some multicoloured ornamental grass seeds or some attractive foliage plants like hosta and huchera.
– For the Long Borders, sunflowers are always welcome or other sun loving annuals.
– For the Rose garden/Pergola, you might want to grow a climbing plant or some lavender.
– You could grow some wildflowers to help out bugs and beasts in our exciting new pond and meadow area that we are starting to develop near Millennium Bridge

Alternatively you might want to source your own materials and grow something you are passionate about. Or you may even want to find a new home for something that’s been growing at in your garden for a while. 

What next?

If you would like to join in and grow something for the park and be part of this community project, please complete this simple 2 min form form and we will get back to you (please allow up to week).

Growing instructions will include approximate timescales for your seeds to germinate and next steps. With your help we can have the most amazing crowd sourced community grown gardens ready for what we hope will be super summer of celebration. 

Areas that the Friends are currently responsible for (as mentioned above):

Image credits top: Instag-Martha and Lucy Ewens on Instagram