Young Writers competition 2015

What would a park bench say if it could talk?, by Heather Pitchford

In my life many people have come and sat on me,

Unfortunately I can’t talk,

But if I could I would say:

“Go on, go on,”

I would say to a nervous lover about to propose,

“Just ask her, ask her!”

“Don’t worry, I’m here,”

I would say to someone with nowhere to go,

“Just rest on me, I don’t mind.”

“Please don’t spill that drink on me,”

I would say to a business man on his lunch break,

“That looks like a nice sandwich.”

“Keep calm; you won’t forget your lines,”

I would say to someone about to go on stage at the Theatre Royal,

“Just go out there and perform.”

“It’s a nice spot you chose here,”

I would say to a family sightseeing,

“I would recommend Clifford’s Tower next.”

Or you could just stay a little longer!

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