Fund us! Older Girls and Rowntree Park

We are thrilled that you want to support ‘Make Space for Girls in Rowntree Park’ project. In addition to the June programme of events, we are fundraising to get some equipment in the park older girls have asked for and create a space that they feel welcome in. Therefore any funds we raise will go toward equipment. We’d also like to run events and activities aimed at older girls.

Below there is information on how you can support us:
-Business Sponsorship brochure
Donation button
-Buy a Tote Bag

Tote Bags

We are excited to share our new tote bags! The are quality cotton totes that not just look awesome and are practical, but they help spread the word and raise awareness of the project come in yellow, blue and green. The bags are £8 and each sale raises £4 toward our project.

Choose which bag you want below – if you want P&P you must buy this separately (below). Otherwise, read on for how to collect your bag after payment (please read before buying).

A few options to pick up your bag:

-Bags can be collected at an event you are attending in June, if I’m aware in advance which event you’ll be at.
-Alternatively they can be collected from my house near the Cameron Grove Gate of the park (near to the amphitheatre area). I work from home, so lots of flexibility.
– I can arrange P&P for you. Buy the bag using the button above and then purchase P&P below:

Email abigail at

Business Sponsorship

If you are a business sponsor – you can view our sponsorship brochure:

We are happy to consider other forms of sponsorship – let’s chat!


If you want to make a donation to our project – you can do so using the button below and choose the amount.

If you’d prefer to donation via another method – get in touch and we can arrange this –