Who are we and what do we do?

Volunteers who love and care for our park

The Friends of Rowntree Park is made up of a group of caring and hard-working volunteers who really love Rowntree Park. To put it simply, we help maintain Rowntree Park in York and also run a range of events. We want the park to be the best it can be for the local and wider community.

In June 2019 we became a charity and raise money for our work in the park through membership, donations and seeking relevant grants. You can read about our aims as a charity below.

We have a small core group of dedicated Committee members and Trustees who plan and organise our activities and events. We also have other groups of volunteers who help out with our activities. We always welcome new volunteers – whether a one-off or a more regular thing, we’d love to hear from you!

Rowntree Park is managed by the City of York Council and we work in conjunction with them. They are overall responsible for the park. They carry out basic maintenance, are in charge of health and safety, locking the park and so on. We have areas of the gardens we are responsible for and focus on these, the rest is maintained by the council. Due to budget cuts there is no longer a park keeper or dedicated paid gardeners.

What do the Friends of Rowntree Park do?

The Friends of Rowntree Park aim to look after the park as much as they can and make it a great place for it’s users. The Friends work to support a range of ways to park can be used by all sections of the community.

Our volunteers garden, litter pick, help with wildlife, clear snow/leaves, run children’s and adults activities, host music and art through the summer and much more!

We also raise money to improve the park. In the last few years, we have added railings to create goose free areas, picnic benches, basketball court and helped with play park improvements.

We have lots of projects on the go! In addition for having responsibility for maintaining some areas of the park, we also run lots of projects and activities.

Aims of the charity

Charity objectives and aims:
1.Conserve, protect and improve the physical space/environment
2. Offer educational opportunities related to history, biodiversity and other aspects related to the park
3. Provide facilities/work with others on education, recreation and other leisure interests within the park
4. Promote civic responsibility, volunteering, health and wellbeing.



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Support our work for just £5 a year

As a charity, we always welcome help fund raising. If you would like to support our charity or help us run events to raise money, get in touch!