The Friends of Rowntree Park are responsible for the maintenance of certain parts of the park’s gardens. York Council are responsible for the rest.

The Friends look after:

–  The Long Borders
–  The Friends Garden 
– The  Sensory Garden
– The Rose Memorial Garden/Pergola
–  Pollinator Project
– The Wildlife Area

We also look after the Forest School area (story circle). In addition, we have started to propagate our own plans in the Lodge Garden behind the cafe.

When there is the capacity and funding – our gardening also extended the rockery outside the clubhouse, and some planting around the lychgate. With all our planting, we consider what plants survive floods, as at times the park can spend weeks under water!

Winter/Spring 2021 – find out about our Plant for the Park project here

Long borders

This is the long stretch through the centre of the park. Our aim here is to have a range of perennial plants that will grow year after year. The Long borders bring colour to the park. We aim to introduce more lupins to the long borders. Lupins are very much part of parks history. George Russell who pioneered types of lupins was originally from the Southbank area of York. His flowers became famous worldwide and the park used to have a range of Russell Lupins.

The Friends Garden

This garden is aimed at those who want to picnic and play in a safe railed space that is goose free. The raised beds are filled with annuals to bring colour to the area.  The planting is being redesigned for the purpose we find the garden is used. We know children play here and like to hide amongst the bushes, so we are making sure the area is filled with ornamental grasses and shrubs rather than pollinators or spikey plants. We have bird feeders in here too, which volunteers maintain.

The Sensory Garden

This railed garden is being planned to be a Sensory Garden – an area to stimulate the senses! A range of plants that bring colour, fragrances, textures, and some that taste! This area is intended to be a great place to relax.

The Pollinator Project

This is a new project started in late Summer 2020. It is based at the Terry Avenue Gates as you enter the park. The area near the Skatepark and Basketball courts. Our volunteer gardeners are creating an area to help with biodiversity. Native plants that will provide food and shelter for bees, butterflies, and other beasties! This project is funded by ‘Betty’s Trees for Life’.

The Lodge Garden

One of our big project for 2020 onward includes setting up our own Propagating Garden.  We need to make the gardening the FRP do in the park more sustainable. There isn’t much funding available for new plants, so we intend to grow our own. If we have a surplus, we can sell to raise funds too.  The Lodge Garden is the space behind the cafe. It is enclosed from the general public. We welcome volunteers interested in propagating for the park!

The Rose Memorial Garden/pergola

This area is a place for quiet contemplation and to remember those we have loved and lost. There are some plants/trees dedicated to people here. Also some plaques. Our volunteers maintain the rose garden and the climbing roses on the pergola. The Friends of Rowntree Park cannot organise dedications of trees, plants or benches as this has to be done via the council. You can find out more about what the council offer here

Volunteer Gardening

Our volunteer gardening lead is Stu Small (he is also a volunteer). For anyone interested in gardening you should complete the volunteer registration form here.

Stu will then be in touch to let you know about gardening sessions you can attend. We have a couple of weekly gardening sessions in the mornings (Tuesday and Thursday). Once you have basic training (an induction with Stu), you are welcome to attend organised sessions when you are available, or garden in your own time. We also have ‘one off’ or occasional sessions that you can opt into as and when (they may include weekends and evenings).

Stu runs the Thursday morning sessions and Rosemary Bentley runs the Tuesday sessions.