Children’s Birthday Parties

Thinking of holding your child’s birthday party (or any gathering) in Rowntree Park? Here is some more information on parties we offer or hiring a space to run your pwn party/gathering.

We offer Forest School Parties

Our Forest School Leader offers some party packages – more details coming soon. If you’d like to find out more drop Christine a message at

Running your own party

A party with an outside host/entertainer

If you’d like to use the Park as a base for a party and have an ‘entertainer’ then it is important that you book in with us. There is a £25 booking donation to the FRP. We have to make sure we have to make sure the party entertainers have the right insurance and risk assessments in place to ‘host’ an event in the park (it’s pretty simple and straight forward to book).

DIY Party

If you just want to have an informal picnic with friends and family and use one of the spaces we care for/are ‘managed spaces’ (especially the railed gardens, story circle and amphitheatre) then you should book in advance with us. Thee are areas we hire for events and operate a booking calendar. We do ask for a donation of £20 (for FRP members) or £25 for non members – our volunteers care for these areas so your money goes back into this.

You are welcome to have flags/decorations as long as you remove all items at the end and take your rubbish home. You can put signs on gates to state it’s a party, but as its a public park – the public cannot be prevented from entering an area if they wish to do so. Your booking with us means we haven’t booked another event in.

To book in contact abigail at