Welcome to the Friends of Rowntree Park



Volunteers who help maintain and improve Rowntree Park in York.


We love Rowntree Park!

The Friends of Rowntree Park are a registered charity. Our volunteers love Rowntree Park in York and help care for it. Our volunteers do activities such as garden, litter pick, help with wildlife, run community events and projects, as well as focusing on education and mental health and wellbeing.

We run a membership scheme where anyone can join the Friends of Rowntree Park. This money helps funds the work we do.

We have a small group of dedicated volunteers that want to make Rowntree Park the best it can be. We are actively looking for new volunteers – whether a one-off or a more regular thing, we’d love to hear from you!

Rowntree Park

An amazing park close to the centre of York. Playgrounds, a library-cafe, skatepark, tennis courts, basketball court, ponds, woodland walks and more!

The Park is managed by the council The Friends help maintain and improve it. The Cafe is run separately by run by York Explore. You can find out more here about the council’s role.


The Friends of Rowntree Park

As a charity, we depend on our fantastic supporters. You can become a member for just £5 a year per household. This money helps us improve the park for the community.



We run a range of events for all ages. Many of these tend to focus on natural and ‘eco’ themes. We also run musical and art events through the summer months, as well as groups that help to reduce social isolation.

We also run sessions tailored to schools and nurseries. You can find out more about some of our events below.

We also handle bookings for the park – if you’d like to run and event or activity in the park, do get in touch!

Rowntree Park Wreath Making

Community events


Nursery and School events


Volunteer with us!

Have fun and help your local park! We have a range of volunteer opportunities available and would love your help. Whether a one-off or a more regular thing, we’d love to hear from you.


Together let’s make the most of ‘Our Backyard’