The Park

Rowntree Park in York

Rowntree Park is on the south side of York city centre. A 15 minute walk from the centre along the River Ouse, Rowntree Park has a lot to offer for all ages.

A 10 hectare site with play parks, tennis courts, a skatepark and basketball court, table tennis facilities, duck ponds, wildlife walks and trails and a cafe/library.

The park was opened in 1921 as a memorial park. It was essentially York’s first municipal park. Since it was first laid out, alterations have been carried out and there have been changes over the years, but the Park survives still in much the same form as it was first conceived.

In 2003, a £1.8 million Heritage Lottery Grant funded refurbishment of the park. Many historical features returned to their original condition and new additions were made like the sculptures, skatepark and basketball court.

How to find Rowntree Park

Rowntree Park is just 15 minutes walk from the city centre. A lovely riverside walk or cycle: The address is -Terry Ave, York YO23 1JQ
The park can be accessed from a number of entrances including: Terry Avenue, Lovell Street, Richardson Street, Butcher Terrace and Cameron Grove.

There is a pay and display carpark with some disabled bays. The park is accessible for prams and wheelchairs. There is a steep path up to the cafe/down from the Richardson Street entrance.

The park is owned by York Council. However, the Friends of Rowntree Park are responsible for the maintenance of some of the areas and also run community events in the park. The council remain responsible for the overall park including health and safety, emptying bins, locking up and basic maintenance.

Rowntree Park Reading cafe is run by York Explore. Rowntree Park Tennis Club are responsible for the tennis courts and the courts need to be booked in advance via the club’s website/app.

Please contact the relevant organisations regarding facilities in the park.

Flooding and Rowntree Park

Because of the low-lying nature of the land, when the Ouse floods, Rowntree Park fills up with water. The park is a flood plain. When the park floods or is at risk of flooding, the park is closed by the council. Park users have to wait for the Park to drain, partly by gravity (through one-way valves in the flood walls) and partly by pumps. The Friends aim to keep the public aware of the situation, as much as possible, via their Facebook page.

“Rowntree park is an enormous park near the centre of York. Me and my children have spent many amazing hours there”

Alice Scawthorpe