The Friends of Rowntree Park mainly raise money for maintenance and improvements in the park through the following methods:

  • Running community events
  • Membership scheme
  • Seeking grants

We would love to hear from any businesses/organisations/individuals who would like to donate money or resources to Rowntree Park. Please do get in touch to discuss this.

Give something back to your community…

Membership Scheme

We currently have around 650 households that are members of Friends of Rowntree Park. They pay £5 a year. Not only does their membership money support our work, they also get monthly newsletters, discount/priority booking to events and 10% off in Rowntree Park Reading Cafe.

Grant Funding

Since 2017 we have managed to successfully achieve funding from Growing Green Spaces in York for gardening projects (funding by York Council), Micklegate Ward and the Police Commissioners Fund for projects linked to Youth engagement. We have also had recent funding from Betty’s Trees for Life (for our sensory/pollinator garden), and a substantial donation from a local individual.

We welcome ideas and help on where we can look for funding for future projects. If anyone has experience with getting funding, we’d love to hear from you!


Community Events

Some of our events are totally free, others have a small charge. Any profit from events goes back into our work in the park. In 2019, half our income as a charity came from events. Thank you to all who support us this way by attending! We’d love to hear from anyone who’d like to run and event for us or in conjunction with us.


We always welcome new ideas on how to raise money for projects in the park. Get in touch!