Birthday Party: cancellation

We’ve had to take the difficult decision to cancel the Birthday Party this year. This is due to the fact that 1) we do not have enough volunteers to organise it, and 2) we have not raised the money needed for several new ‘essential items’ (eg security, portaloos, a PA system), which are required on top of the usual costs (insurance, printing, licence, publicity etc). We have put out multiple appeals for volunteers and contributions, including crowdfunding and a YorkMix article.

The huge numbers of people (probably 5000) attending last year’s Party meant that we clearly need these additional volunteers and facilities; without them, we cannot run a safe and enjoyable event.  Huge thanks to Christina Nichols who has worked very hard trying to resolve these issues, and to all those who offered their time and money, this year. We are sorry for any disappointment caused. NB if anyone is interested in helping a team to organise next year’s Party, please do speak up: planning starts in January, but never too soon to volunteer!

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3 thoughts on “Birthday Party: cancellation

  1. andrew lambeth says:

    Hi Cath. I’m from Leeds (the Friends of Woodhouse Moor) – whenever we get to York we enjoy Rowntree Park so much. The reason I’m posting is that I hand-print a poetry magazine three times a year, which is named after the Latin for owl – Strix. I was looking for a photo of the carved owls in the park and then noticed Felix’s brilliant drawing of an owl. Would he allow us to use it on the cover of one of our issues, do you think? Andrew

    1. cathmortimer says:

      Hi Andrew, i can contact Felix for you, and ask him. I’ll get back to you

  2. cathmortimer says:

    Andrew: yes, Felix is fine with that. info@ if you need more information.

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