Geese management

The geese have been a perennial problem in the park; there are too many of them (out-competing the ducks, moorhens, coots etc), they make too much mess and they are very aggressive in the breeding season. This is a nation-wide problem, and if there was a simple solution, surely someone would have found it by now?

Over the years, we’ve had hours and hours of discussion with the council, working with them to get reports done, suggesting ways of adapting the landscape etc etc. Eventually last summer we agreed with the council that we would start herding the geese. The principle is that the geese are moved on every day, at dawn and dusk, using an Agri-laser; this doesn’t harm the geese, they just think the laser beam is a solid beam or post, and they fly off. We are trained and insured by the council for this.

And it does work; from highs of 100 to 200, we have reduced the numbers to 18 to 35 (representing 1-2 family groups). But this success represents hundreds of volunteer hours, and this level of input may not be sustainable, so we are looking at additional possibilities, which may include low level fences in the lake (as seen in the royal parks in London).

The only amusing thing is that some people seem to think that we haven’t spotted that there is a goose poo problem in the park – if only it was so slight that we could have over-looked this issue!

3 thoughts on “Geese management

  1. linda wainwright says:

    Remove the pond!!!

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  2. Betsy Galloway says:

    Brilliant news! Your result is terribly significant. Thank you to Everyone!
    Re goose poo: I once had a foreign visitor who refused to eat in the new RP Café because “If that’s the way they keep their Park, I don’t think I want to eat there!” ☹️ So well done each and every volunteer; I understand some herd regularly at 5ish on a morning. I think you are all doing a great job!
    All best, Betsy Galloway

    1. cathmortimer says:

      Very glad you appreciate our efforts!

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