Orienteering in Rowntree Park

The Friends of Rowntrees Park and Eborienteers have run some orienteering events in Rowntree Park. Orienteering  promotes physical wellbeing and map reading ability, and most of all it is great fun!

To put it simply, orienteering involves using a map to navigate from point to point.  In this case, finding markers placed all over the park.

The Eborienteers have created three permanent courses in the park. The markers are there all the time and all you need to do in download the maps for the routes and can explore anytime!

You can walk the routes or run them.  As a family you could do time challenges and record how long it takes you to race  a course!


We have 3 permemant courses set up in Rowntree Parkm, you  can access them here:





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