Birds in Rowntree Park

Guest blog by Vikki O’Brien

Eggs-tra, eggs-tra, read all about it! (Strap in, the egg puns are eggs-traordinary)  

As we eggs-it from what has been an egg-ceptionally challenging Winter, are you egg-cited to egg-splore the park now it’s reopened? We love that there are so many people using the park as part of their daily eggs-ercise, and as a way to eggs-perience nature.

Seriously though, although our lives have seen unprecedented change in recent times the natural world has continued on uninterrupted. Growing, blooming, retreating back, hibernating, and then getting ready to start the whole cycle again. With that in mind, it is an opportunity to remind ourselves to be aware and take care of our natural environment. 

So when you are in the park, don’t forget to take your litter home with you or put it in the bin, try not to disturb the animals or birds as they get on with their Spring jobs. There is activity returning to the wilder areas of the park as nesting and family life is beginning to emerge. Patches of colour are appearing with the bright daffodils and cheerful crocuses, and soon the insects will start to get busy pollinating. 

The busy-ness of nature truly is eggs-traordinary, just the thought is eggs-hausting. How fortunate we are to egg-sist in harmony with the natural world on our doorstep.

Extra info from Friend of Rowntree Park:

Some recent egg and nest discoveries have very interesting! Our volunteers spotted an intriguing nest in rotting tree hollow over the beck. At first we thought maybe a Tawny Owl nest. There was a sizeable egg inside and a lots of downy fluff clinging to outside of the old woodpecker hole. To make it more intriguing there were three blue eggs under this spot. But it turns out that Mallards apparently happily nest in tree cavities according and a mallard has been spotted nearby! Not sure if we;’ve solved the mystery but it’s fun trying to work it out!

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