RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch weekend

Bird blog, with contributions from lead Bird Volunteer Vikki. I don’t think I’ve appreciated the park quite so much as I have done in recent months, as somewhere green and leafy to roam, but more importantly for me: somewhere to see the garden birds that are noticeably absent from our little yard. We have aContinue reading “RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch weekend”

Words from a bench February 2016

With a theme of ‘Midwinter’, we offer this range of new writing. Aurora Borealis, by Ásdís Ingólfsdóttir The blue lights from the ambulance light up the dark winter night as it rushes through the empty streets. The young couple inside look terrified. What they have been so excited about and awaiting for the last nine months,Continue reading “Words from a bench February 2016”