Music in Rowntree Park!

We are excited to announce that 2018 has been the year that we have brought music back to Rowntree park!  With regular performances happening through the Spring and summer. Come down, bring a picnic, sit back and enjoy the music!

Music was such an important part of Rowntree Park when it first opened.  The original bandstand was located by the lynchgate until 1929,  and then later moved to south side of the park.  The bandstand was repaired in 1953 but by 1969 was showing major signs of damage, and further flooding in the 1980s and early 1990s led to the decision for it to be demolished.  Following the Lottery Grant funding from 1998, the current outdoor stage space was created near the Cameron Grove gates to the park.

The music we have planned may have no bandstand to perform in, but they will make the most of various locations across the park.  Through May, June and July we have been joined on some Saturday mornings by children from York Music Centre.  Groups such as the String group, Big Band and Folkestra have been performing in the area just underneath the cafe.  These performances will continue on Saturday mornings until the end of the term in Mid July.


We have recently managed to recruit Caroline as our volunteer music coordinator and she has set about organising for a range of diverse musicians to perform in the park.  There are still more to be confirmed, but our current timetable is below.  We hope you agree that music in the park is a fantastic addition.   Please follow us on Facebook for up to date details on events. All performances are weather dependent.

10th June 2-3pm – The Rich Hardcastle Band

23rd June 12-5pm – York College Music Showcase*

24th June 12-1.30pm – White Sail

24th June 2-4pm –  Sax Forte

21st July 2-3pm – Track29

22nd July 2pm – The Big Sing*

*York College event and the Big Sing are independent of the Friends of Rowntree Park, please contact the relevant companies for further details on these events. The ‘Big Sing’ is a free event organised by York Arts Education, but please book tickets here.

If you’d like to find out more about music in the park, please contact

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