Our Bench

Duncan Bartlett

I remember being captivated by the cascading waterfall,

As it crashed over the rocks by the long gone ice cream stall.

I remember fish in the still waters under Mercury’s watchful eyes,

And listening to the brass band underneath summer’s azure skies.

I remember paddling and splashing in a pool in the open air,

My red yacht sailing on the pond with the slightest breath of air.

I remember moving away and leaving all the memories behind,

Pastures new were calling and there were new adventures to find.

I remember the years rolled by and the wanderer made his return,

Many changes filled his eyes in the city that he yearned.

I remember my blushing bride clinging to me as we walked,

First along the riverbank, kicking leaves up as we talked.

I remember returning to the park and the memories from before,

Now with children of my own it was time for them to explore.

I remember the pool, the fish, the bandstand had sadly disappeared,

Long gone was the waterfall, no ice creams and my eyes teared.

I remember times move on, we could see a board and roller park,

Basketball hoops, table tennis had now taken up their mark.

We remember walking a little further, there was a stirring in my soul,

There it was, in front of us, my rock, my fort, my goal.

I remember that was my bench, slightly warped, a split, a crack,

There it was with open arms and that sturdy oaken back.

I remember seeing initials carved which somehow gave it charm,

Memories of lovers, just like us, sat gazing in each other’s arms.

We remember all those times, sitting, watching our children grow,

Now the bench takes on a different form which nobody could know.

We remember, we will always remember 2020 and time beyond,

We sit on that bench with our memories in the reflection of the pond.

We remember the loved ones who have left us sadly all too soon,

We reflect on their lives as we sit there howling at the moon.

We will always remember sitting on our bench, it’s our escape,

As we sit and watch the world go by in this meaningful parkscape.

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