On Beauty, War, Remembrance and… Geese

David Rowsell, Trustee Friends of Rowntree Park I love Rowntree Park and in particular its lake… But why at 6.30am on a cold December morning late in 2020 do I find myself flat on my back in its freezing water…? The answer is flipping geese… in particular Canada geese. For over three years now IContinue reading “On Beauty, War, Remembrance and… Geese”

Springtime Forest

LuLu Morris, age 8 See the dewdrops trickling down the branches of the tall tree trunks. Smell the refreshing scent of the newly washed woodland.   In the morning sunlight beams and streams through the leaves and it looks so beautiful. Deer roam around quietly, spot the footprints of them.  Squirrels scamper around, jumping from branchContinue reading “Springtime Forest”