Thank You, Dear Rowntree, For Your Lovely Park

Mieke Jackson Thank you, dear Rowntree, for your lovely Park, And a very happy Hundredth Year! You’ve given us all space to play and ‘lark’, And created memories so dear. My childhood walks to that special green place, Were so serene and beautiful for me, My own three just loved it, they said it wasContinue reading “Thank You, Dear Rowntree, For Your Lovely Park”

The Park

Mary Baker Ducks quacking, geese honking, all competing for food Squirrels scampering in trees and undergrowth  Birds singing, making their nests Sun shining, warming the cold spring day Trees budding, flowers peeking up awakening from their winter’s sleep Children laughing Babies crying Mums chattering Dogs yapping Tennis balls popping  Skateboards scooting  Balls thudding on theContinue reading “The Park”