Thank You, Dear Rowntree, For Your Lovely Park

Mieke Jackson

Thank you, dear Rowntree, for your lovely Park,

And a very happy Hundredth Year!

You’ve given us all space to play and ‘lark’,

And created memories so dear.

My childhood walks to that special green place,

Were so serene and beautiful for me,

My own three just loved it, they said it was ‘ace’,

And we had full days out, for free!

We had our picnics, and climbed and played,

Under willows for shade, sitting on coats,

An ice cream from the van, our treat, as we laid,

Watching ducks and geese, and remote controlled boats. 

In 2020, our lives then all changed,

As Covid then made its big mark,

Our Squash Club had shut, all sport rearranged,

So we headed to Rowntree Park!!

We played tennis for fun, on good courts near the trees,

Sounds of laughter, and music in our ears,

In sunshine and blue skies, and with a gentle breeze,

The best time we’d had for years!

So, THANK YOU to the Park Friends,

For looking after this ‘gem’,

Where nature and exercise meet,

In 2021, a special year for you all, we’ll be back, though we’re not sure quite when!!

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