The Nature of Rowntree Park

Alisha Langhorn, age 13

It was one of the sunniest days in Yorkshire, when all the birds were chirping and all the geese were flying around the park.

The geese always love to swim in the pond with their babies which sounds quite nice for them to do during a sunny day. There are lots of things to enjoy at Rowntree Park such as the big park that has for example a zipwire, some swings for the little kids and some for the older kids, there are also some amazing statues around this park like the Viking helmet that you can sit inside. And there are also a lot of benches you can just sit on and relax in the sun whilst your kids are having fun.

The reading cafe is an amazing place to enjoy a nice hot or cold drink whilst reading a book. There is also a tennis court where you can play tennis or even badminton. It’s just a fun thing to have a Rowntree Park.

The skate park is a place where if you have a skateboard this will be something you will enjoy.

This park is also a great place to go on a walk with your pets or your family.

It’s just one of the most amazing places in the whole of Yorkshire.

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