As the white flakes of snow

Edward Shakeshaft, age 11

As the white flakes of snow cascaded down on the reticent roads; the hushed breeze sliced through the air.  A distant tweet of a bird and a faraway bark of a dog were the only noises.  The trees had been caked in snow and the many alluring forests dazzled in the blinding light of the sun.  This was the definition of peace – bliss and silence.  

The sea blue water of the river rushed and gushed as the swings of Rowntree Park squeaked.  The shouts, cheers and happiness of the children who once played here still lived in the ancient buildings and trees of the park.  Not a soul on earth was here – they had all disappeared.  The true beauty of nature now showed in its spectacular own way.  Before humans, nature was all that existed.  The completely white mountains of the Arctic – to the bare, blazing sand of the Savannah.  Nature is hiding its secrets that we are yet to find.  Rowntree Park – 100 years of peace and happiness.

Many memories centred in that very park – ten decades of joy.  Many generations of children had joked and laughed on these rustic benches.  Sitting on this bench makes me realise how much the world has revolutionised and how much I would like the world to revert to how it was before – peace.  I think of all the innocent animals that have lost lives and in these difficult times it is harder than ever.  Nature is a big part of sustaining happiness in our lives, if we look after our planet and keep it safe, our future generations will live longer.

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