thoughts flow

Abby Levers, age 18

The poem below surrounds the topic of mental health, and how sharing one’s thoughts and emotions can not only help themselves through recovery but also aid others in their own understanding and growth; the image of water is used to symbolise this. It is called “thoughts flow” and is written purposefully in all lowercase with little to no punctuation to make it pleasing to the eye. You will find it below:

thoughts flow in a stream past my conscience

gather in puddles, lakes, and ponds

hold home to my swimming sentiment

when the weather is hot, clouds begin to form

and when the rain starts to fall

I pour and overflow

droplets form a trickle till it all gushes out

breaks through the boulders

leaks through the cracks

and from my fountain of knowledge, they drank

until I was dry of my worries

dry of my woe

and now

before the clouds can draw in to snuff out the sun

I sprinkle when they look underwatered

and I watch us grow together

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