The park is closed today

Daniela Nunnari

The park is closed today, due to flooding. 

The gates are shut, but look 

and you may see the swans and ducks who still 

swim through their watery home. 

The tops of trees reach up for air

and everywhere are glimpses of the 

swings and slides, the fun that 

hides, beneath the surface. 

The park is closed today, due to social distancing. 

But in the mist, I think I saw a flock of birds. 

I guess they haven’t heard because 

their wings were touching, huddled close for warmth 

in rain slicked trees. And in amongst the leaves the 

busy squirrels leap from dizzying heights, 

almost in flight, then nestle close in cosy dreys,

away from grey clouds looming. 

The park is closed today, due to ice and snow. 

We cannot go. Though if we stand here quietly, 

we may spy from the balcony, the sly young fox 

that skates across the frozen pond, then rests 

until its russet fur is powdered white. 

The park is closed tonight. They lock it up at dusk. 

We mustn’t pry, but if we raise our eyes we’ll see 

the sky is moving. Shadows shaped like bats may 

squeal and flit and dip to catch an unsuspecting moth. 

And do you hear too-wit-too-woo? The owls are up there 

too. They search for mice and voles who 

hide in holes and undergrowth. But both 

the hunter and the hunted must come out to eat, 

while we all sleep. 

The park is closed today, but those who know 

would say, the park is always open. 

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