Clifton Green Primary School 6G

Class 6G

Some of the poems in the children’s collection have been inspired by the work of Valerie Bloom.

Do you enjoy the breeze?

And do you like the bees?

For a small flower just like you

Fields that you live in split in two

Or even parks 

Do you ever feel afraid of the dark

I’m never in the dark I keep it away

Love is the key so I never feel grey



Light as bright as the sky 

Angels watching above your head 

Knite flying across the sky,
Eggs rolling across the floor.



A Guessing Poem

Tall and bright yellow,

Reaching stretching and growing,

Basking in the sun.


Lots of fresh water like drinking from a waterfall.

An amazing stream with a small waterfall.

Keeping treasure beneath me.

Enjoying the beautiful sun.



I Asked the Willow Tree

‘Why do you cry?’ I asked the willow tree,

‘I don’t like to see you sad.’

‘I cry,’ the willow tree said, ‘because

I am alone in this big countryside.’

‘Why do you have no leaves?’ I asked the willow tree.

‘Because’ the willow tree smiled,

‘Because autumn is coming and I have to be ready for the winter.’



A Guessing Poem 

Lollipop like

Stands tall in the wind

A fluffy head

A thin body



Why do you grow so big?

Is it because you can relax so high

Laying there in the sky

Lying in the grass below

Optimistically the people watch you grow

Why not discover what’s down below?

There could be something good but you don’t know 

Rearing for the young birds in their nest

Everything is good to go

Even though you are unsure we love to watch you grow



Dancing in the breeze

Air into the petals breezing past 

Feasting on bees

Funny yellow flower dancing in the strong breeze

Open yellow thing in the distance you will see

Dancing in the strong wind at some point you will see

I’m a flower dancing in the strong breeze you will find me in a field next to lots of flowers like a cow

Learning other people getting to know other people what am I?



Blue like the sea 

Like a cup for a mouse 

Under the dark oak trees 

Eating water under the trees 

Beds for bees 

Eating the roasting hot sun 

Like a berry blue 

Laughing under the sun 

Sat with its blue friends 



A Guessing Poem

Blur reaching at the sun, 

Tiny as a kitten’s paw,

A twisting treasure,

Never stopping to shut the door.



Dancing and swaying in the air

A little dandelion with grey hair

Night time comes say goodbye to the sun

Day time rises a new day begun

Energetic little fly flew on top of her head

Lazy fly made herself in bed

In the morning the wind began to blow 

“Ouch!” she cried and then said, “oh no!”

Now her seeds are spreading, making new homes



Scattering away from a cat,

Quickly climbing up the tree,

Unbelievable to climb that fast,

Irritating all the dogs,

Rushing to collect the nuts,

Raindrops make you hide away,

Eagerly dancing for the rest of the day,

Loving to tease all the rats.



Dancing in the wind and welcoming the spring

As slender as a model proud of their mane of petals

Fanfare of golden trumpets playing together

Flowers in a group like they are partying at a festival

On sunny days they are happy watching the winter disappear

Dreaming they will get a visit from the bees soon

Individually very small but all together a sea of bright yellow

Luminous like the warm sun 

Summer comes they began to crumble but they will be back next year



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