Clifton Green Primary School 6PM

Class 6PM

Some of the poems in the children’s collection have been inspired by the work of Valerie Bloom.

A fox as red as the ripest cherries,

It barely eats any ripe berries,

As strong as an ox,

Even though it’s a tiny little fox,

As sleepy as an owl,

Listen to its little growl,

It cannot fly,

It is really sly,

As fast as lightning,

It’s barely even frightening. 



A Guessing Poem

Swaying in the blue sky,

Like a cup for the bees filled with pollen,

Like a tiny bell in the bright green grass.



A Guessing Poem: Lake 

A gleaming carpet of blue,

Swaying in the breeze,

With tranquil surroundings,

Wading through it up to my knees.



Drifting in the breeze

All quiet, all calm

Fast wind running through the sky

Facedown on the ground

On the mountain 

Daffodils moving 

It’s all a dream

Like butter melting



I Asked the Mushroom

‘Why do you hide?’ I asked the mushroom

Underneath your speckled umbrella.’

‘I hide,’ the mushroom said, ‘because

I like the dark my good fella.’

‘Why do you stand still as stone?’ I asked the mushroom,

On the forest floor?’

‘Because’ the mushroom smiled,

I like to watch the raindrops pop, you may find it a bore.



A Guessing Poem: dog

I’m a man’s best friend

I’m a park, playing, pet,

Have you got a bone to lend?

When I’m sick I go to the vet



Blue as the ocean 

Long and high stems reaching towards the sun

Under the trees a gloomy flower stands

Each flower is a magician’s hat 

But why does it look so sad?

Everyday the bluebell greets the sun

Laying in the grass

Longing to be noticed



Sunshine smile upon your face,

Up to the sky so high you race,

Never gloomy,

Full of joy,

Loving life, never coy,

Others seem so small around you

Wonderful wonder of nature,

Everyone stops to stare at your beauty

Raise your head to greet the sun.



I Asked the Tree

‘Why do you grow so tall?’ I asked the tree,

so tall the top I can’t see?’

‘I grow,’ the tree said, ‘because 

up to the sun I want to be.’

‘Why do you have so many branches?’ I asked the tree

hundreds of them grow over time,

‘Because,’ the tree smiled,

‘I grow them for you and your friend to climb.’



I Asked the Bluebell

‘Why do you greet the sun?’ I asked the bluebell,

In the little pond.’

‘I greet the sun,’ the bluebell said, ‘because

we have a special bond.’

‘Why do you play?’ I asked the bluebell

In the green sunny park.’

‘I play’ the bluebell smiled,

To keep away the dark.’



Dancing slowly in the crisp, summer breeze 

A ball of butterscotch-yellow

Forever free and completely at ease

Failing to not feel mellow

Over time, its petals started to grey

Drooping and sadly fading

In weeks then, winter returned

Laying out its icy cloak of snow.



I Asked the Green Shoot

‘Why do you wave’ I asked the green shoot

In the wind you face the sun’

‘I wave,’ the green shoot said, ‘because

It makes me greet the fun.’

‘Why do you dance?’ I asked the little green shoot 

Swaying to the breeze

‘Because’ the green shoot smiled,

‘It keeps away the freeze.’



Many Colours Form 

Into A Beacon Of Hope 

After The Thunder 



Luscious carpet of blue

Amazing reflection of the sun

Kicking the paddles of the boats

Enjoying the dancing fish



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