Flood Defence work affects Rowntree Park

From Monday 17th of May 2021, the Environment Agency are scheduled to change access to Terry Avenue whilst flood defence work is carried out at Clementhorpe.

This work will mean that parts of Terry Avenue are closed for around 12 months. Vehicles, pedestrians and bikes will no longer be able to access town via Terry Avenue from Millennium Bridge – this river side path/road will not be in use for through traffic and pedestrians. There is more information below from the EA, the following summary is regarding accessing Rowntree Park only and its implications.

In order to access Rowntree Park via a car, you’d need to go down Butcher Terrace and along Terry Avenue to Rowntree Park car park. The same route is to be used for the Caravan site and Roomz Hotel. There are strict speed limits on this road and speed bumps installed. Vehicles will then access the carpark back this way and out via Butcher Terrace.

Therefore pedestrians accessing Rowntree Park via Butcher Terrace Gates/Millennium Bridge will need to be cautious of traffic as there will be construction traffic as well as hotel, caravan park and park traffic travelling down Butcher Terrace and past the park gates.

It is important that Rowntree Park is not used as an alternative access route for cyclists. There are approved EA routes on the maps below, careful cycling is allowed in Rowntree Park but cyclists are asked to take extra caution as there are a number of people who have raised concerns about not hearing bikes behind them and bikes going too fast. Similarly, the new electric scoots need to be used in consideration of park users.

To find out how the closure of Terry Avenue affects vehicles, bikes and pedestrian access to the area (including Rowntree Park) please do read check out the information shared by York Flood Plan:

York Flood Plan Newsletter here
Maps/routes here

Any questions about the flood defence work to York Flood Plan.

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