2021 marked the 100th birthday of Rowntree Park. The park was opened by Joseph Rowntree on the 16th of July 1921 as a place of “ rest and recreation”, somewhere to escape from the “turmoil and stress of life, and bring health and happiness”. The park was gifted to the people of York as a memorial park. You can read more about the history of the park here.

Over its 100 years, Rowntree Park has been an important place to many people in various stages of their lives. The park has changed a lot over the years as features go, or are added. It has evolved.

Celebrating the centenary

The Friends of Rowntree Park marked the centenary year with a range of projects, events and activities through the months. Due to the Covid pandemic and many lockdowns, the celebrations were paired down but still fitting!

Activities have included:
An open day on the 17th of July – the mayor attended and we had gardening open days and a Bees & Butterflies event for children.
Words from a Bench project
Art in the Park displays
New flower displays on columns near the lychgate
Birthday Banner – made by Hippstitch
Bees & Butterflies display by Hippystitch

We have also had a range of other activities in the park including free nature walks and history walks, phone photography workshops, a family picnic and DJ day by Tropica, regular salsa, lindy hopping and pilates and Yoga through Spring and Summer, and more!

We still hope to add some permanent history boards and a ‘chess bench’ but these are still to happen when time and funding allows.