2012 Rowntree Park Photo Competition

Photo by David Ormerod, 2009

We are pleased to announce the 2012 Photo competition. This year we have an theme of “Beauty in the Park” and this can be interpreted in any way you wish. All photos must be taken in the park. There will be three categories: Under 16, Amateur, and Enthusiast or Professional, with prizes kindly donated by York Digital Image. All entries will be exhibited at the Rowntree Park Birthday Party on 14th July 2012, with the winners announced during the event. Entry to the competition is free to members of the Friends and there is a £5 entry fee for non-members (which includes membership of the Friends for 1 year).Terence Michael and Graham Smith are kindly organising the competition this year, including offering a FREE photographic workshop suitable for all ages.

Deadline for competition entries: Noon 30th June 2012

Please click here for the competition leaflet and entry form; and here for the poster for the composition.

8 thoughts on “2012 Rowntree Park Photo Competition

  1. i will take the free course of Sunday 15th April, can you take me more information ?? can i access ?? many thanks

  2. cathmortimer says:

    Hi Chiara – yes, you’d be very welcome, just get in contact with Terence on 07530 157132 or by email: photos@rowntreepark.org.uk. There are some spaces available for the activity.

  3. What’s the difference between Amateur and Enthusiast / Professional? Is it skill level or equipment used?

    1. cathmortimer says:

      Graham says: The answer depends entirely on how you see your level of ability. It does not depend on the equipment used. A good photographer can take a much better picture on a £100 camera than someone who’s not sure what they are doing with a £1000 camera. We trust that all professionals, semi-professionals, camera club enthusiasts and similar people will own up to their level of skill.

      1. Very true and thanks for the answer looking forward to entering.


    1. cathmortimer says:

      Very kind of you! We’re hoping to see lots of people out with their cameras, when the weather starts being nicer!

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