Art in the Park 2022

‘Art in the Park’ started in 2021, Rowntree Park’s Centenary year. Artists created a piece of work inspired by a decade/art movement of the last 100 years and Rowntree Park. The work was displayed in the park and has been admired by many. We are launching ‘Art in the Park’ 2022 and would love people to get involved! The theme is ‘Wild Rowntree Park’. The information below is for those interested in finding out more…

What art forms can be submitted?

In 2021, all art had to be submitted digitally  so we could have it printed onto A2 composite boards that were attached to the railings in the centre of the park. 

As this is a project run by a volunteer, this was the simplest and most effective way to get art up in the park.  A couple of artists took photographs of their art and this is what was printed.  However, that is not to say other art forms can’t be considered. If you have suggestions and can work out how to display your art outside (and fix it in a secure manner) then it could be possible.  As this is a public park, it is possible things can get damaged so you need to be aware of this. The artwork is displayed outside.

All digital submissions should be JPEG. Ideally minimum of 3000 pixels along the long edge. Your image will be put onto a board with a white border with the name of the piece, your name and also a website/social media handle. 

Who can submit

You can be an artist, or an enthusiast, of any age.  However, we reserve the right to choose the art work we will display. There is no guarantee all work submitted will be used. We will let you know if your artwork is to be displayed.


It would be good to get the art up for the summer. The deadline for submissions is June 26th 2022. The work would go to print the following week (Mon 27th) and be up by mid July. Please feel free to submit work before the deadline to

What next:

Please complete this form to register interest and fill any info you have at this time.

Please note:

Art in the Park is run by a volunteer who also manages a lot of the other projects, activities and events in the park.  Time is limited so please be patient with replies to emails. If you do have suggestions, technical knowledge or want to help (or run the whole thing) – get in touch!

Extra-  can you help?

We have sold tote bags for the last 3 years which have helped raise funds for our work in maintaining and improving the park.  We’d like to have a new design.  If you are interested in helping create a design for the bags, we’d love to hear from you. Ideally it needs to be something iconic, simple and can be printed in one colour (as more colour means more costly!) If you have some ideas or would like to be involved, contact abigail at

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