Park cafe is still open!

Despite the flooding the park cafe remains open – and has great views of the flood water! The pumps have started, but it will take two weeks to clear the waters and ready the park for re-opening. Meanwhile, why not go along and try the great coffee and delicious cakes; perhaps we should suggest they start offering Floodwater soup (presumably brown – mushroom?) and Ouse Mud Pie (doesn’t have the romantic ring of a Mississippi Mud Pie, but would taste just as nice!) Access, not surprisingly, is only via Richardson St.

5 thoughts on “Park cafe is still open!

  1. Will there be voluntary groups to help with the clear up once the waters have gone or is it the sort of thing best left to the professionals?

    1. cathmortimer says:

      I’ve passed your suggestion on but I’m afraid ‘Health and Safety’ rules would apply and so I suspect it might be difficult to use volunteers for the clear-up. But if you’re keen to help in the park in a practical way, you could come to a conservation session – click on the links for ParkActive, or follow the Park Rangers on Facebook

      1. Thanks for the info Cath. I’ll look into that.

  2. kaycranfield says:

    has the park acess to the internet in the cafe so i can work from there !

    1. cathmortimer says:

      The cafe, with its Wi-fi connection, is now open 10am til 5pm; it’s got to be the nicest internet cafe in York!

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