Progress at the reading cafe

Foxglove: Meredith Stewart 2008

Work to create the new reading cafe is proceeding at top speed, with the aim of getting it ready in time for the summer. The Friends and the council team are very excited about the prospect, the layout and the furnishings look lovely, and a huge list of books, newspapers and journals has been submitted by the Friends! Andy Laslett has forwarded his most recent progress report, which includes a plea for ideas of activities which might boost visitor numbers, particularly over the winter months, when any cafe in a park is likely to be quieter. Please forward any ideas to the Friends.

4 thoughts on “Progress at the reading cafe

  1. Hi, please could someone send me an email with a contact for this?

  2. cathmortimer says:

    ok, have done so …

  3. Sue Spence says:

    can you tell me what time things start on 14th July.also are there any food stalls .thanks

    1. cathmortimer says:

      It’s on 2pm to 5pm. the scouts are providing some of the catering, but I’m sure there’ll be other outlets too. The Friends will be having some cakes on their stall – I know, because I’ll be cooking some of them!

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