Rowntree Rainbows

By July 16th 2020 Rowntree Park will be full of colour. Not just plants and flowers, but also rainbows!

Rainbows for Rowntree Park – a big colourful thank you!

Through ‘lockdown’ from March-June 2020, our Friends of Rowntree Park craft group have been busy at work crafting in their own homes. Other groups and individuals from across York have also joined the project ‘Rowntree Rainbows’.

This yarn bombing display is to be a big visual ‘thankyou’ to all NHS staff, key workers and all those who have supported others through the months of lockdown due to COVID. The rainbows are also a symbol of positivity and hope which will be a great welcome to visitors to the park.

A large rainbow made up of individual coloured pieces of 6″ will be sewn together across the outside of tennis court near the cafe.   The pieces have been knitted, crocheted or felted. Individual rainbows that will hang from the pergola have also been made, and also flowers in colours.

Yarnbombing display in Rowntree Park July 2020

The display will be up in time for Rowntree Park’s 99th birthday on July 16th. Although we cannot run large events in the park at the moment, we hope this display will bring joy to many.

Many thanks for all involved and to Hippystitch for all their involvement and support. Our craft group tends to meet on Monday afternoons from 1-3pm at the cafe (when life is normal). They welcome new people and also welcome people to contribute to their projects from their own homes.

You can share your creations or your snaps of the display when up in the park using the hashtag #RainbowsforRowntreePark

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