The Friends in 2014

winter 2013-14The park looks so beautiful with a strong frost and a clear sky, although it hasn’t always been quite so stunning this year!

The Friends had their first 2014 meeting in January, swiftly followed by the first 2014 meeting of the Birthday Party planning team, in the congenial setting of the Slip Inn. As the council is no longer able to run the Party, the Friends have decided to take it on theirselves. It’ll be a quite a big thing to organise, as a voluntary group but a good team of ‘party planners’ has built up, and we have an able co-ordinator, Sue Scott, who will keep us all communicating and exchanging ideas. At the meeting we were delighted to welcome a Friend of West Bank Park (they are also intending to run their own Fair this year), as well as Jenny (who was the Park Ranger) whose experience in running the Party previously will be invaluable. We are collating ideas of stalls and attractions. If you would like to join the planning group or just to volunteer on the day – or if you have ideas about the party, get in contact using the usual Facebook link or email info We’re looking for someone to help co-ordinate our musical offerings – could this be you? If you just want to keep in touch with how our plans are going, click on ‘Going’ on the Facebook event page. Meanwhile, make sure you put the date in your diary – Sunday 20th July.

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