Women and girls’ safety in parks

Leeds University hosted an important conference on the 10-11th of May 2023 on the topic of Women and girls’ safety in parks. The Friends of Rowntree Park charity Manager, Abigail Gaines, was a presenter at the event sharing the work she’s been doing on older girls and the park.

The conference was linked to new guidance launched commissioned by the Mayor of West Yorkshire – involving Green Flag, West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Leeds University, Make Space for Girls and Keep Britain Tidy.

Abigail, along with Susannah from Make Space for Girls, spoke on Radio 4 ‘Today’ show and BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show on 11th of May to help raise awareness of the issue in general around the need for better, and safer, parks along with the new guidance.

More info:
1. A short video that simply summarises some of the research and guidance.
2. Slides showing the key points of the Friends of Rowntree Park presentation at the
conference (a case study of a group trying to make a difference).
3. Link to the full guidance on ‘Safer Parks’

Abigail Gaines Friends of Rowntree Park - women and girls' safety in parks

More information on the work on older girls and Rowntree Park can be found here.

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