History of play areas at Rowntree Park

The original play park in Rowntree Park was not where it is located now. Looking from the cafe, it was far back toward Terry Avenue gates and on the left – nearer the location of the table tennis tables. There were play park attendants to promote ‘proper play’! The original park had a very largeContinue reading “History of play areas at Rowntree Park”

History of the Friends of Rowntree Park

The Friends of Rowntree Park was formed in 1993. This group was a voluntary group of local people who’s original aim was to commemorate the park as a war memorial, preserve the character of the park, promote it’s sympathetic use by the people of york, support long term maintenance and development. All this was toContinue reading “History of the Friends of Rowntree Park”

Restoration of Rowntree Park 2000

By the late 1990s, the park was starting to look somewhat unloved and many of the original features had either gone or were in need of work. After some research into the historical nature and landscape of the park, a submission was made to the Heritage Lottery Fund’s Urban Parks project to fund the restoration.Continue reading “Restoration of Rowntree Park 2000”

Paddling and Iceskating in Rowntree Park

Paddling Pool in Rowntree Park The original wading pool was not very deep and had a sandy beach. There was a horseshoe canopy that surrounded it, that was where often families sat and watched their children. The water was constantly changed, which was facilitated by a wind pump and the overflow fed into the lake.Continue reading “Paddling and Iceskating in Rowntree Park”

Social History of Rowntree Park

During WW2 the government encouraged people to stay at home and have ‘holidays at home’. The park became a central focus for many people in the area. It hosted 40 concert parties, dances and brass bands played live. There were talent spotting competitions, sheepdog shows, donkey rides, Punch and Judy, puppet shows, model railway linesContinue reading “Social History of Rowntree Park”

Rowntree Park – Park Keepers

Park Keepers Park Keepers in Rowntree Park are firm characters in many people’s memories. Especially the infamous “Parkie Bell”, the first park keeper. The information here is from a mix from our archives, the book ‘Walk in the park’ by Christine and John Dowell, and also snippets passed on by the general public and TheContinue reading “Rowntree Park – Park Keepers”