I’ve got a little list

No, not a list of Christmas presents I’d like to have – a list of volunteering opportunities in the park! Well, not so little either (see below), but this gives a flavour of the work that we already do in the park – as well as some of the things that we’d like to be able to do. There’s a huge amount of variety: some of them are one-off or occasional items, and some are much more long-term. Some tasks are seasonal – leaf raking and snow warden – and others can be done anytime of the year. They are on the list in a deliberately random order.

If you would like more details on any of these volunteering opportunities, do get in contact info@rowntreepark.org.uk

Litter pickers
Co-ordinator or organiser of events suitable for teenagers
Poster/flyer designer
Website design
Volunteer co-ordinator
Musical event co-ordinator
Newsletter/leaflet delivery
Event planners
Bird seed topping-up
Duck food provider
‘Snow Warden’ = salt/grit scattering
Leaf raking (and using leaf blower)
Goose herding
Gardening info circulation
Younger Friends (assisting)
Very Young Friends (leader)
Very Young Friends (assisting)
Bird recording

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