Members Survey Autumn 2021

The FRP have just over 800 members. Around 240 completed the survey. The age range of respondents wasn’t collected but from the data we do have – the majority (around 65%) of members are over 50. However we cannot comment on the age range who completed the survey as age wasn’t asked on this occasion. 
Also we know that only 53% of our members are from the YO23 area (located near the park), we have members from across the city and further afield.
We do not have other data at present that may be useful in our analysis and will aim to collect such data in the future, if people are willing to share.

Q-  I am aware of what the aims of the Friends of Rowntree Park are and what comes under their remit and what is the council’s responsibility

You can find out more here

Q – I’m aware of the areas that the FRP garden

You can find out more here

Q- I have been a FRP member for…

Q-  I volunteer, or have volunteered, with FRP

If you’d like to register interest in volunteering, you can do so here

Q- Which of the following areas of the FRP work do you see as the most important? – (people prioritised and could pick more than one)

Answers ordered:

Gardening 80%
Communicating what is happening in Rowntree Park 80%
Communicating with CYC on maintenance issues75%
Development of new wildlife areas70%
MHWB programmes63%
Goose Maintenance63%
Children’s events/education60%
Organising events in the park by outside providers60%
Trying to get funding for the lodge to become a community building 55%
Duck food 48%
Projects in the park like Words from a bench/art45%
Adults events 40%
Trails around the park (such as Tree trails)40%
Adding new physical features (railings, benches etc)31%
Bird feeding 22%

*Please note that gardening, litter, new equipment/facilities as well as goose maintenance to some extent(H&S in the park) all used to be CYC responsibilities but budget cuts have affected these areas.

Q- Please use this space to explain what area of the FRP work you see as the most important one(s) in your view:

Many said it’s hard to pick as all are so important and some comments stated they were impressed with what we manage to do with such small capacity/funding. Not all feedback is below, but these comments highlight main areas:

  • Gardening
  • Litter
  • Geese (we lack volunteers!)
  • Getting CYC to do its job
  • Children’s events and educating for the future regarding nature/conservation
  • Wildlife developments
  • Community events and projects – creating community feel

Q – If the FRP got more volunteers and people to lead on new areas (and funding) – what sorts of things would you like to see happening in Rowntree Park that the FRP could help facilitate?

These views are useful and some are possible if more volunteers come on board and people want to lead projects. Please see additional notes for the ones in italics
ASB patrols
More kids events and community events
Pond clearing
More theatre/music
‘How to’ garden sessions
Wildlife areas and studies of wildlife in the park
More for older primary aged kids and teens
Play equipment
Girl skate sessions
Skate park to be less intimidating picnic tables for older kids and also things to encourage older girls
Bigger events like arts markets and events with info stalls
Pond monitors selling duck food/more focus on education of not feeding geese
Bring back bowling green
Propagating and selling plants (we are actually trying to do this!)
Cascade (CYC area at present)
Model boats regattas
Outdoor shelters for events/music/renovate pavilion
Sheltered seating
Primary school links (we have some but would love to have time to develop)
Disabled access in skate park/play parks (toilet at events)
FS for disabled children
Events to help fund FRP (we do but welcome more!)
Story telling
Developing disused buildings in the park
More on heritage of the park
Rose garden improvements
Women only sessions
Opportunities for teens to play music on the stage
Vegetable patch
FRP gardeners to care for more areas (as CYC areas look bad) – no capacity to do so

Please see here for more info on areas in italics.

Q-  Newsletter – thoughts?

The majority like it as it is with the detail and want it monthly. However some said less on events other said more! Some said less pictures some said more – so balances out! Also volunteer profiles suggested.

Suggestions included linking to elsewhere with photos or more info (like history of park) so people interested can look. However this involves time to get additional stuff on the website – need volunteers for this! All takes time.Its a good idea but currently we lack the capacity.

Q – Do you use any of the following to keep up to date with what the Friends of Rowntree Park are doing and what is happening in the park?

Most see posters in the park and cafe and also see via FB. Twitter, instagram and other websites/newsletters less so.

Additional information:

There is still some confusion about groups linked to Rowntree Park. The cafe and Tennis Club are separate from the Friends of Rowntree Park. Please see here for more info on the various groups linked to the park, FRP remit and CYC responsibilities.

Other area’s people asked about include:

-Bowling Greens
Outdoor Shelters/events spaces
Disused buildings

Please see here for more information on the above and additional points raised by the survey.

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