New wildlife pond created

On Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th November 2011, we created a new wildlife pond in Butcher Terrace Field. Rachel Simpson (the Park Ranger) had spent hours finding all the resources that we’d need, and discussing utilities, diggers and other matters with all and sundry, and the Friends had got the funding from the York Community Pride Challenge Fund (administered by the Two Ridings Community Foundation).

Richard the digger driver quickly created a big hole.

Richard, his digger and the big hole in the ground

He also shaped the bank which the tansy plants are going to be planted, so that tansy beetles have a suitable potential home.

The following day, a group of Aviva workers came on a team-building day out, and helped us shape the pond, line it with carpet and underlay, and then the pond liner itself. It was tiring work, especially for people who are normally indoors all day, but the group were very cheerful and hardworking throughout.

The end result we hope will delight both wildlife and humans …

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