Wild and wonderful corner of the Park

Five years ago, the Friends had just finished creating the wildlife pond, in Butcher Terrace Field; we’re delighted to be able to say that the pond has attracted a lot of frogs, dragonflies, water snails, water boatmen – and plenty of human visitors! Around the same time, we also planted some apple trees, along theContinue reading “Wild and wonderful corner of the Park”

New wildlife pond created

On Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th November 2011, we created a new wildlife pond in Butcher Terrace Field. Rachel Simpson (the Park Ranger) had spent hours finding all the resources that we’d need, and discussing utilities, diggers and other matters with all and sundry, and the Friends had got the funding from the York CommunityContinue reading “New wildlife pond created”

New pond news

The Friends received a £2000 grant from the York Community Pride Challenge Fun, adminstered by Two Ridings Community Foundation, to make a pond, as part of our work to enhance the wildlife potential of the park (including making space for tansy beetles). We’re working hard with the Park Rangers and other council staff to make our plans andContinue reading “New pond news”