Opening up Words from a Bench

Jane McWeeny 2009


Our Words from a Bench project has been very successful, with four editions over the first year, with contributions from a total of 19 writers from one York-based writers group in the UK and a partner group of writers in Iceland. Now we’d like to open up the project to all writers, from anywhere in the world, although the theme ‘Crossed Paths’ is still concerned with the experience of parks and open spaces. Your piece must be less than 1000 words. Ten pieces will be chosen for publication on the website, and we hope to be able to present these as audio as well. These same ten pieces will be found dotted about on the park benches of Rowntree Park and Hljómskálagarður Park in Reykjavik. Karen Green, the editor for the project, has prepared guidelines for contributors. The deadline for contributions is the 15th November 2014. Good luck!

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