Your thoughts for the AGM

dancing red leaves 3Autumn is the time of AGMs, and the Friends of Rowntree Park have theirs this evening. We are a community group that works to benefit the park and its users, so we’re always looking for new ideas of how we could do this. If you are a visitor to Rowntree Park, do you have any ideas for projects or activities that would benefit the park and its users?

We appealed for ideas on our Facebook page, and by our email list, and received these ideas:

  • 5k or 10k race
  • Something that links Rowntree Park with the other parks in York
  • outdoor gym equipment like this or this
  • play equipment for the over 8s
  • art projects for adults
  • all-day brass band festival
  • do something about the geese

We’d be glad to hear about your thoughts on these, or your other ideas, so why not come to the AGM (7pm at the Reading Cafe, for details see October newsletter), or post your comments here.



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