RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch weekend

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I don’t think I’ve appreciated the park quite so much as I have done in recent months, as somewhere green and leafy to roam, but more importantly for me: somewhere to see the garden birds that are noticeably absent from our little yard. We have a bountiful display of delightful offerings for them; seeds, nuts, fruit and fresh water. However, I fear that the adjacent alley patrolled by Top Cat and his gang is a huge factor in their absence from our buffet. So I have grown to enjoy the quick flashes of colour in the hedges and loud trills or the sweet chirps, as I took a walk through the park as part of my daily exercise. 

The RSPB hold a Big Garden Birdwatch every year and this year is no exception. Inspired by this, we were hoping to encourage people to spot the birds that visit the park as part of this great event. However, a flooded frozen park means we can’t access it in time for the RSPB event, but this is something we can do at a later date – and we would love you to be involved.

We would like to collect a bit of information so we can begin to get to know who, among our feathered friends, regularly visit the park and where their favourite areas are. If you walk as part of your daily exercise, why not take a walk through the park when it reopens and note down what you see and where. 

The Friends of Rowntree Park volunteers have a range of bird feeders set up in Rowntree Park, mainly located in the Sensory Garden and Family garden (the two railed gardens in the centre of the park). These areas are great for seeing a range of birds. However, there are different birds in different areas. Many crows that walk the lawns, and owls in the woodland walk/Forest School area – if you are near the park late at night or around dawn you will hear them!

Send us your spots via email or social media, there isn’t a deadline so keep your binoculars handy! 

Image top: Joshbruceallen from Instagram – Robin in Rowntree Park
Image bottom: Timsbirding from Twitter – Gulls ion the ice in Rowntree Park

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