Summer events & Activities as part of ‘Make Space for Girls’ in Rowntree Park

On the back of our highly successful June 2023 ‘Make Space for Girls’ in Rowntree Programme of free events and activities for older girls, we were offered funding from the local council ward to extend the programme through the summer holidays.

Through July and August, we hosted an additional 18 events including dance, art sessions, orienteering, photography, film making and Zine creation. Sessions were well attended, with over 100 individuals involved, and more ‘older girls’ than the June programme. It was great to have an increase in 14-16 year olds involved. It was clear the word about the project is spreading as so many girls could eloquently explain what we are trying to do and how it resonates with them.

The ‘Make Space for Girls’ in Rowntree Park programmes of events and activities in Rowntree Park are focused on making teenage girls feel welcome in the park, and trying to reduce/reverse the drop off of girls use of parks as they get older. The events focus on empowering teenage girls through the opportunity to share views on what makes a welcoming park, try new things and connect with likeminded people.

We are looking for continued funding to be able to continue with the overall project that has two key objectives at present:
-Getting new equipment requested by girls
-More events and activities aimed at girls & women

If you are interested in supporting our project, do get in touch!

Check out some of the highlights of the summer programme below:

Check out the June programme of events and activities here.

Read more about what we are trying to do and why – here

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