There’s Light

Estelle Villas

A tide too full for sound and foam

shake Louie taut as a wind-snapped sheet.

Just another sea nymph vying for your attention.

There’s light.

How is that you have become holy to me?

Do not forget me murmurs something

nibbled by fish under the sea.

After our afternoon sun sets,

we are in tune with the cosmos’s

relentless melt.

There’s light.

Now that time is insubstantial,

I wonder how it is

that you are allotted me,

that you give yourself

to the light that’s left

with more reserve

for a better tomorrow.

You shoulder the sun rise.

You hold it up

against the oily shore line

a while longer.

There’s light.

Look! – it is not fleeting.

Such a moment settles.

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