Through autumn, summer, winter and spring

Katy Brown

Through autumn, summer, winter and spring.

This park brings us joy, in the memories it brings.

Annie jumps in puddles, while Max counts the ducks.

Mrs B at number 6 reminisces old memories, with one of her heartfelt looks.

It’s the crunch of the leaves, the glisten of light on the pond.

It’s the adventures that await our children, which is why we are so fond.

From a child to an adult, I have walked this park.

The sounds of laughter and conversations and a new puppy’s bark.

We share it with the squirrels, the ducks and the geese.

But it’s when we see the white doves kissing, that we really find our peace.

So come sit, come natter.

We are all friends at Rowntree.

Read, eat, drink and play.

Get lost amongst life and just be.

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