Words from a Bench Winter 2014-15

This is a ‘guest’ blog post, from Karen Green, the editor for our writing project. Karen says:

“Submissions for Words from a bench for the winter competition were on the theme of ‘Crossed paths’. The best seven entries are available to read here.

Although we typically encourage pieces about the out of doors and nature, for this round we deliberately left the subject ambiguous and received submissions which interpreted the theme literally and metaphorically. As a consequence, the chosen entries have a range in tone and content which is wider (and in some cases darker) than you would normally find on the site.We hope you appreciate the change for winter and welcome any feedback.”

We wondered whether the winter makes writers think about more sombre themes, or whether the darkness of these pieces reflects the current popularity of written pieces about ghosts, zombies, vampires and the dark side of human experiences….


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