Do different genders use parks differently?

Together with the University of York, we ran an event on Saturday 5th of November to share research and also get the views of park users on the topic of ‘Do different genders use parks differently?’ Thank you to all who stopped by, despite the weather!

The event was part of the Festival and Social Science and gave people the opportunity to come along and find out about national wide, and local, research, share their own views and help participate in some research themselves.

Sarah Knight, for the department of Geography and Environmental Science at York University has been carrying out research into ‘Gender and green and blue spaces’ and Abigail Gaines from the Friends of Rowntree Park has spent the last year looking at Rowntree Park with regard to older children, finding out how they do, and don’ t use the park – with the aim of making improvements (and involving the children in this). A particularly focus has been on older girls, as research shows their use of parks drops vastly as they enter pre-teen and teen years.

You can find out more about Sarah’s work here. Our last FRP blog on ‘Make Space for Us’ regarding older children and Rowntree Park can be found here. The images below also summarise the project.

The FRP have held focus groups for older girls over the last year and also have run online surveys to gather views of older children. The survey for all children age 10-16 can be found here.

More info on the Festival of Social Science can be found here.

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