Friends of Rowntree Park members survey 2022

Key summary of feedback:

Members are very grateful for the work the FRP do – although many can’t volunteer they contribute financially through membership.

Gardening, biodiversity/environmental issues plus mental health and wellbeing programme seen as an incredibly importantly part of our work.

The events and community feel created by the events and projects is appreciated.

Still some comments regarding the cafe BUT the cafe in NOT linked to the FRP. The council manage Rowntree Park.  That means they have overall responsibility.  Things like health and safety, toilets, opening/closing etc are down to them. Please note that the Tennis Club, and York Explore Café and Library are separate from the Friends and they operate their own areas and generate their own income – it does not go back to the whole park itself, it goes to their areas/organisation.

Summary of feedback:

Forms response chart. Question title: 1. I am aware of what the aims of the Friends of Rowntree Park are and what comes under their remit and what is the council's responsibility. Number of responses: 242 responses.
Forms response chart. Question title: 2. I'm aware of the areas that the FRP garden (and fund). Number of responses: 243 responses.
Forms response chart. Question title: 3. I have been a FRP member for.... Number of responses: 243 responses.
Forms response chart. Question title: 4. I volunteer, or have volunteered, with FRP - (we know not everyone has the capacity to volunteer, just by being a member you are helping!). Number of responses: 243 responses.

Most important to people summarised from the survey overall:

  • Gardening came out as a priority and reference made to the great work on biodiversity and interesting planting/ecological 
  • Children’s events and nature education 
  • Community feeling/social events/bringing people together
  • MHWB 
  • People wishing more events happening and FRP had to focus less on general maintenance.
Forms response chart. Question title: 5. Which of the following areas of the FRP work do you see as the most important? (Choose as many as you like). Number of responses: 240 responses.
Forms response chart. Question title: Do you ever attend Friends of Rowntree Park events? . Number of responses: 240 responses.
Forms response chart. Question title: 12. Do you use any of the following to keep up to date with what the Friends of Rowntree Park are doing and what is happening in the park?. Number of responses: 225 responses.

If FRP could do more – what would you like to see? (Top things noted)

  • More volunteer sessions More children’s events
  • More health and fitness activities
  • Pond cleaning (currently CYC roles)
  • Music, events, art and theatre.
  • More nature and history walks etc
  • More things/events for older children – especially girls.
  • Reclaim cascade area and sort it out (currently CYC role)

    There were lots of great suggestions. However they all require more volunteers to get involved to run and organise such things. Anything can happen! Got an area of interest and want to help – get in touch!

Why I support the FRP:

Main reasons given:

  • Underfunded – government cuts and lack of council focus on parks.
  • Discount at cafe – initially – then realised all the FRP do
  • Want to support all the great work the FRP do -appreciate all the volunteers do
  • Can’t volunteer but want to give moral and financial support
  • Want to support a local community space when sop much in York is aimed at tourists
  • Helping create an inclusive space/local safe space and community asset/Community spirit
  • Realised importance of park and all FRP do in Covid.
  • Enjoy the combination of different areas – formal, woodland, biodiversity etc
  • Support for local amenities (including shops) is important to me – use it or lose it!

General feedback for the FRP: (a few comments selected)

  • The volunteers do a brilliant job and without them I’m aware the park wouldn’t be what it is – a wonderful space. 
  • I think you do an amazing job. The flower beds and seating areas are a great asset.
  • I am immensely grateful to the Friends for their hard work which makes such a huge difference
  • FRP do a great job with limited resources, money and people
  • Please carry on fighting for the preservation and maintenance of this gorgeous park
  • I like the newsletter for communication – it’s really informative and well put together.
  • Love the Very Young Friends and RSPB meetings. All the family events are fab.
  • Love the focus on mental health. Fabulous charity, essential to keeping the park a useable and beautiful community resource.
  • You do a great job, which is much appreciated. The borders look amazing and it is a lovely park to walk and play in
  • I like the welcoming feel of the events put on by the FRP. I love that they are of reasonable cost when so many things are expensive.
  • Thank you for your hard work!! The park wouldn’t be 1/10 of what it is without FRP volunteers – especially with the neglect from the council (not entirely their fault – central gov funding cuts have been brutal I know).

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