Words from a bench

As part of Rowntree Park’s centenary year celebrations, we are pleased to have our ‘Words from a bench’ project up in Rowntree Park.

‘Words From A Bench’ celebrates reflections, recollections and creative imaginings of Rowntree Park, along the themes of ‘escape’, ‘the outdoors’, ‘nature’ and ‘the park’. Within the collection you’ll find moments of laughter, poignancy and occasional ‘naughty’ behaviour, which we do not encourage! Aside from occasional light editing for clarity, all submissions are the author’s original work and voice. We hope you enjoy reading them.

There are QR codes on benches around Rowntree Park. Scan the code with your phone to access each written piece. The pieces are by both adults and children.

All stories and poems can also be accessed using the links below. This first set of work will be in the park until Summer. A second set of stories and poems will then go on display.

I can’t wait till it’s over – Angela Peacock

And on that day when – Katy Jenkins

The snow fox Charlotte Hudson

Weeds – Sally Mitchum

Fox in the Park -Nate Reason

Ain’t Nature Grand? – Joy Myerscough

Sparrows drink from morning dew – Jet Liversedge

Rowntree Park – John Ostyn

As the white flakes of snowEdward Shakeshaft

Bubbles – Dinks

I went for a walk in Rowntree Park– Ian Durham

There’s a light – Estelle Villas

To tennis at Rowntree Park – Rosie Cantrell

Thoughts flow – Abby Levers

Springtime Forest – LuLu Morris

A good view – Jeanette Sparnenn

Ducks – Max Stampfer-Todd

On Beauty, War, Remembrance and… Geese – Dave Rowsell

The Nature of Rowntree Park – Alisha Langhorn

The park is closed today – Daniela Nunnari

Clifton Green Primary School – 6G

Clifton Green Primary School – 6PM

Thank you to our volunteer editors; Karen Hill Green, Gayle Johnson and Nicky Kippax. Also huge thanks to all who contributed a story or poem to this project.