Words from a bench

We are excited to share with you our ‘Words from a bench’ writing and poetry project and would love for you to get involved!

We are looking for people to submit short stories or poems based around Rowntree Park, the outdoors/nature in general, or escape. We ask for no more than 1000 words for stories please.

Our aim is to display QR codes on benches around Rowntree Park once it reopens after the floods. Visitors to the park can then click the codes and read the stories/poems. This will add an extra interesting element to people’s daily exercise and spread some joy during lockdown. We will also share the work online.

This project last ran a few years back and we’d love to restart it – lockdown seems a perfect time! The relaunch of the ‘Words from a bench’ project is another way of celebrating Rowntree Park’s centenary year in 2021, and is also a way to share writing with an audience and something to focus on for both writers and readers during another national lockdown.

We are very much looking forward to the different points of view expressed, inspired by the writers’ experiences in Rowntree Park. The park is a place for everyone and means so much to so many. We welcome entries from all ages (including children). We ask that when writing, please consider the mix of audience in a public park (eg no swearing!)

Entries or queries by 15th of February to hello@rowntreepark.org.uk

You can see some previous entries on our website.

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